Buy Radiesse (1×0.8ml) Online

Buy Dermica Firmzon-(10x2ml) Online. Facial and body liposculpture is a technique used to recontour the skin using mesotherapy. This facilitates the treatment of unsightly fat deposits in parts of the body that do not respond to dieting.


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Buy Radiesse (1×0.8ml) Online

Buy Radiesse (1×0.8ml) Online. Radiesse is a gel made up of calcium hydroxylapatite, water, glycerin and sodium carboxymethylcellulose. The latter composition acts as an umbrella at the injection site to form new tissue, whilst the gel converts into collagen.

Radiesse is available in two sterile, latex free syringe sizes, 0,8ml and 1,5ml. The main ingredient is synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite, a popular component that has been used for decades by leading medical experts in the health industry.


Radiesse must not be used if pregnant or breastfeeding. In addition, it should not be used to fight any infections or taken whilst on any other medications or antibiotics.

Your medical professional should be notified beforehand if you have any previous history of implants.

How long do the effects last for?

Radiesse lasts longer than other fillers which rely on hyaluronic acid, due its unique properties in being steadily dissolved into the body. It can take up to 18 months for Radiesse to be completely absorbed into the skin tissue.

Are there any potential side effects associated with Radiesse?

There can be some side effects which can include itchiness, painful muscles, swelling and tenderness where the injection was applied.

What are the benefits of Radiesse in facial corrections?

= Minimising the fold between the mouth and nose area
= Reducing smile wrinkles at the corner of the lips
= Eliminating wrinkles above the upper lip
= Treating scars resulting from skin problems such as acne
= Correcting nose bumps and chin dents
= Adjusting the contours of the lower jaw