Buy New Lumenis Lightsheer Desire XC Handpiece Online

Lumenis LightSheer Desire XC Handpiece is a versatile and effective tool for laser hair reduction and other aesthetic treatments.
This handpiece comes with the software dongle needed to run the handpiece.


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Buy New Lumenis Lightsheer Desire XC Handpiece Online. Lumenis LightSheer Desire XC Handpiece is a versatile and efficient component of the LightSheer DESIRE laser hair reduction system. This handpiece is designed to provide effective treatment for a wide range of body areas, combining advanced technology with user-friendly features.

The LightSheer DESIRE system, including the XC handpiece, is backed by Lumenis, a leader in laser and energy-based technologies. This ensures that practitioners have access to high-quality original spare parts, warranty coverage, and reliable service. Lumenis emphasizes the importance of using original LightSheer spare parts and tips to maintain the gold standard performance of their technology.

The XC handpiece utilizes a Sapphire ChillTip technology with a spot size of 12x12mm. This design makes it particularly suitable for treating both large and small areas that require higher fluence levels. ChillTip technology integrates contact cooling, which provides epidermal protection during treatment. This feature is especially important for areas that need precision and higher energy delivery.

One of the key advantages of the XC handpiece is its versatility. It can be used effectively on various body parts, making it a valuable tool for practitioners offering comprehensive hair removal services. The 12x12mm spot size strikes a balance between coverage area and precision, allowing for efficient treatment of larger areas while still maintaining the ability to target smaller, more delicate regions.

In terms of comfort management, the XC handpiece features the ChillTip contact cooling system, which maintains a temperature of 5°C during treatment. This cooling mechanism helps to protect the epidermis, reduce discomfort, and minimize the risk of side effects such as burns or pigmentation changes.