Buy New 2022 Lumenis Lightsheer Quattro Handpiece Online

Lumenis LightSheer Quattro Handpiece is a significant advancement in laser hair removal technology, combining high-speed vacuum-assisted technology, integrated cooling, and multiple handpiece options to deliver effective, safe, and comfortable treatments.


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Buy New 2022 Lumenis Lightsheer Quattro Handpiece Online. Lumenis LightSheer Quattro Handpiece is a key component of the LightSheer Quattro diode laser workstation, designed for effective and efficient laser hair removal across various skin types and body areas. The handpiece is part of a broader system that leverages advanced laser technology to provide high-quality hair removal solutions.

The LightSheer Quattro Handpiece is designed to deliver effective hair removal results with a high degree of safety. The vacuum-assisted technology not only reduces pain but also minimizes the need for high fluence per pulse, thereby reducing the risk of skin damage. The continuous cooling provided by the ChillTip technology further enhances safety by protecting the epidermis during treatment.

Key Features and Technology:
The LightSheer Quattro Handpiece is equipped with several advanced features that enhance its performance and patient comfort:
High-Speed Vacuum-Assisted Technology: This technology is designed to reduce pain during treatment by using a vacuum mechanism that draws the skin into the handpiece. This action reduces the density of melanocytes, bringing hair follicles closer to the laser source, which allows for more efficient energy delivery and effective hair removal.

ChillTip Integrated Contact Cooling Technology: This feature provides continuous cooling to the epidermis, significantly increasing patient comfort during the procedure. The cooling mechanism also protects the skin from potential thermal damage, ensuring a safer treatment process.
Multiple Handpiece Options: The LightSheer Quattro system includes various handpieces tailored for different treatment needs:
HS Handpiece: With a large spot size of 22x35mm, this handpiece is ideal for treating larger body areas quickly and comfortably without the need for gel.