Buy Dr-Pen Ultima-A1 Online

Buy BCN-Oculare Peptides-8092-5x3ml Online. The BCN Oculare-Peptides formula has been specifically developed to attack directly the main unsightly manifestations of the eye contour eye bags, dark circles and emotional wrinkles (crow’s feet).


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Buy Dr-Pen Ultima-A1 Online

Buy Dr-Pen Ultima-A1 Online. Dermal Pen therapy re-called micro-needle mesotherapy, directly introduce the cosmetic active element or nutrition into the hypodermis for personal beauty care.

Derma Pen adopts the new-style motor to vibrate up and down vertically, penetrate the cuticle and produce many super microcapillaries to helpfully introduce elements. Derma Pen can thoroughly puncture skin without pain. The needle drum can randomly exchange.

The operation is safe, convenient, healthy and simple. It’s an advanced application in the beauty area. We can adjust the needle length freely so that the needle head can treat different beauty articles. The traditional derma roller has only one size for the roller head and can’t solve the requirements for treating different beauty articles at the same time.

Dr. Pen – Micro-needling – Mesoporation, with replaceable needle head (12 needles), adjustable needle length from 0.2 to 2.5 mm and 5 speed steps.

By using this needle treatment, new collagen can be produced and the ageing process is delayed. Products can be absorbed better.

Skin improvement is usually visible after only a few applications. After cleaning the skin (alcohol) and disinfecting the needle head (alcohol 70%), the application can begin. (See the instructions).

Each person needs to use their own needle head. Do not use if your suffer from couperosis, open wounds, acute herpes simplex, injured skin, inflamed acne and diluent ingestion.

Do not use on the body with spider and varicose veins.

Several micro needle modes to stimulate the skin: a. Strengthens the skin to absorb beauty production, skin absorption can reach more than 40 times and improves acne more than 50%. The skin will be more luster and elastic, different from laser or chemical substances, it is not invasive, it can improve the skin and improve absorption.
The depth microneedle can be adjusted (0.25 mm-3.0 mm), the treatment is greatly improved.
Needles per cartridge, each has a protective cap, each cartridge is sterilized and individually packaged.
Each needle can be used for 4-6 times depending on the treatment.