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Carboxy pen therapy is a safe and effective treatment option for many types of conditions, the injection process involves the use of a specialized pen-like device that is designed to deliver the solution directly into the affected area. The device is equipped with a small needle that is used to penetrate the skin and deliver the solution into the underlying tissues.



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Buy Carboxy Pen Online. Carboxy Pen (Carboxytherapy) is the subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide (CO2 gas). Naturally produced by the body as a result of metabolism, CO2 immediately increases blood flow and oxygen supply to muscle and fat tissue. Injected locally, carbon dioxide is evacuated by the blood system and eliminated by the lungs. In the presence of CO2, hemoglobin rebalances the levels of O2 and CO2 by releasing oxygen.

Carboxytherapy, practiced repeatedly, develops microcirculation and tissue oxygenation, defibrosis and restructures adipose tissue for broad and long-lasting therapeutic, rheumatological and aesthetic applications. The system is designed to deliver the nutrients and gas at a controlled pressure and speed, ensuring that the treatment is effective and safe.

Easy to use, the Carboxy-Pen is quick and intuitive to use. Automatic injector, dose, flow and treatment depth are adjustable for precise and gentle carbon dioxide injections. This class IIa medical device is a regulated health product.

All treatment parameters are directly available on the screen of the gun for precise monitoring of treatment protocols.
Universal: All needles and medical CO2 sources can be used.
Complete: Face, body and hair treatment programs and protocols.
Easy: Adjustment of the dose, flow and depth by electronic control.
Carboxy-Pen: The compact and portable Carboxytherapy.
Carboxytherapy: Injection of carbon dioxide for aesthetics.
Its lithium battery offers an autonomy of 20 hours.